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New For 2023: Rossi R95 Lever-Action

Known for its pistol-caliber and .22-cal. rimfire lever actions, for 2023, Rossi is moving into the high-power lever-action world with its .30-30 Winchester-chambered R95 rifles.

Review: Big Horn Armory Model 89 Black Thunder

“Big-bore” meets “tactical” in this unique rendition of Big Horn Armory’s Model 89 lever-action rifle, which is chambered for the incredibly powerful .500 S&W Mag. and includes a number of features you won’t find on grandpa’s lever gun.

Editor’s Choice: Patriot Ordnance Factory Tombstone

Patriot Ordnance Factory has released its thoroughly modernized interpretation of the lever-action platform, which it has dubbed the Tombstone.

New For 2023: Marlin Model 1894 Classic

The Marlin Model 1894 Classic is the third iconic lever-action design re-introduced by the recently re-established company, following the big-bore Model 1895 in late 2021 and the whitetail classic Model 336 earlier in 2023.

The Texas Rangers: 200 Years Of Justice

From buckskins and Bowie knives to business suits and computers, the Texas Rangers have carried on a daily fight for two centuries with one solemn goal: to serve and protect the people of the Lone Star State.

New For 2023: TriStar Arms LR94

Recently, several companies have begun to offer a lever-action shotgun in .410 Bore, including TriStar Arms with its LR94.

Loading Bench: The Marlin Model 444 & Its Cartridge

Layne Simpson explores a commemorative Marlin lever action, covering the gun, its history and details on a .444-cal. cartridge that also includes handloading information and accuracy potential of the gun.

Editor’s Choice: Fightlite Herring 2024 Advanced Lever Action

FIGHTLITE, known for its conventionally stocked, AR-compatible Sport Configurable Rifle (SCR) and belt-fed MCR, now swings into even more rarified territory with its Herring 2024 Advanced Lever Action.

Gun Of The Week: Marlin 1895 Trapper

This week, on the range, American Rifleman staff had a chance to shoot Marlin's new 1895 Trapper, a short, handy version of the company's longer SBL model, and like the first of the Ruger-made Marlins, this one performed admirably on the range.

New For 2023: Marlin Model 336 Classic

The first Marlin 336 introduced under Ruger's ownership will be the "Classic," and the model remains true to the original design, albeit with a few subtle updates.

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