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Kimber America: From Rifles To 1911s & More

Kimber America is renowned for fine firearms with performance to match. Its meticulous 1911s are among the best available today, but the firm didn’t launch with pistols.

New For 2022: Kimber Rapide Dawn 1911

Kimber expanded its Rapide 1911 lineup with the all-new Dawn, an attractive-looking handgun that's actually built for serious duty use.

Editors’ Picks 2017: Kimber’s Camp Guard 10

Kimber’s Camp Guard 10 is “big medicine” for backcountry hunters prepared to counter attacks from bears, wolves or other threats. Like all Kimber 1911s, this one is machined with exacting tolerances and subjected to tough quality control.

Kimber's Team Match II Supports USA Shooting

Kimber’s Team Match II pistol is identical to that used by the USA Shooting Rapid Fire Pistol Team in action competitions throughout the world.


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