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Alabama, Indiana and Ohio Join Constitutional Carry States

The governors in Alabama, Indiana and Ohio signed constitutional carry measures into law this month.

Preview: N8 Tactical Xecutive IWB Holster

Many of today’s concealed-carry guns are equipped with micro red-dots and suppressor-height sights, features that require compatible holsters.

First Look: Federal Premium Punch

Guns designed for concealed carry deserve dedicated ammunition, and Federal Premium delivers its Punch line to accommodate.

Defensive Gun Options For New Shooters

Without the proper guidance, choosing just one gun for self-defense can be overwhelming. Here's an overview of self-defense guns for new shooters.

SIG Sauer P226 Elite SAO

The P226 Elite SAO takes its cues from both the traditional lineup of SIG pistols and the competition-proven X-series, allowing it to serve double duty for competition and self-defense.

Single Action Self-Defense

Just because you choose to pack 140-year-old technology doesn’t mean you are unarmed. Using a single-action revolver for self-defense can provide you with plenty of fight-stopping power if you know how to use it.

CrossBreed Instructor Belt

The maker of the SuperTuck has introduced a belt for firearm instructors.


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