Glock 19 Gen5 Altamont Tactical Custom Model Announced

The Glock 19 Gen 5 Altamont Tactical Custom model is the only G10 Glock upgrade on the market and the only Gen5 with upgraded fingergroove fronstrap.

Coke Bottle Grips

Many Smith & Wesson fans were saddened when the company quit producing the target grips that were so well known as Coke Bottle Grips. They are, however, still available.

The Delta Grip from Ergo Grips

The first truly ergonomic grip for a J-Frame, the Delta Grip is engineered to fit the natural point of aim and mechanics of the human hand, wrist and arm.

Rookie Red?

While he has an abundance of handgun knowledge, Wiley Clapp admits that he hasn’t heard it all. In fact, he’s asking for some help discovering the story behind some red grips.


When the revolver was king, many folks replaced factory grips with Pachmayr grips, or “Packies” as they were referred to by some.

Stocking Your Handgun With Herrett's Stocks

It stands to reason that if the physical interface between you and your handgun is custom fit to your hand, you will be a better shooter. Herrett's Stocks offers the solution.

Grip or Stocks

Before automatic pistols had one piece receivers of best-quality, industrial grade polymer, they came with two pieces of (usually) wood fastened to the sides of the butt. Revolvers go even farther back in the chronology and did the same thing. Wood shapes easily and can even be user-customized.

My New Grips

To my admittedly prejudiced hand and eye, the classic handguns are great examples of the saying that “form follows function.” Shaped for completely practical reasons, they are as efficient as they are beautiful.

Sanderson Grips

In the era of bullseye shooting that started before World War II, the revolver was king. In those days, most folks shot either Colt or Smith & Wesson.

Eagle Grips

One of the easiest ways to customize a handgun is with a good set of grips.

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