Building A Precision 5.56/.223 AR-15 With Luth-AR And Patriot Ordnance Factory

Randy Luth and his team are back in action, providing top quality AR components for at-home builds and upgrades. We paired some of his products with a great offering from Patriot Ordnance Factory.

Cleaning Bolt Recesses

Is there an easy way to clean the bolt recesses in a bolt-action receiver?

"Cheat Sheets" For Optics

Most scope manufactures provide specific dimensional information about their reticles in their catalogs or online.

Easy-Add Rear Aperture Sights

Barrel-mounted sights might be handy but don't deliver when it comes to sight radius. Try this easy-to-install and elevation-adjustable unit to instantly increase your rifle's sight radius.

Lights On Long Guns

Regardless of how you do it, the simpler you can keep the installation of a gun-mounted light, the better. Rail space is limited, so you need to make a plan.

Mounting Bipods

Want the stability of a bipod to make that long-range shot? To make that stability work for you, bipods should attach either to a QD stud or to a section of Picatinny rail.

First, Do No Harm-Use Bronze Wool

Bronze wool is one of the best kept secrets in gun care. If you value your guns, you owe to yourself to do no harm when removing rust.

Why Doesn't My Ring Fit My Rail?

Those brand-new rings you just bought won’t clamp onto the rail on your gun? Here's why.

Build Your Own AR from Scratch

The AR-style rifle’s modular design allows nearly anyone to build a perfectly personalized gun from the ground up. All it takes is the right components, a few specialized tools and some friendly advice from the experts. So if you see an AR in your future, why not envision, then build, one that exactly suits your needs?


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