Preview: Savior Equipment Ultimate Guitar Case

Masquerading as an unassuming guitar case, Savior Equipment’s Ultimate Guitar Case allows you to discreetly transport firearms (or other items of appropriate size) in public without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

Product Preview: Elite Survival Systems Liberty Gunpack

Part holster, part fanny pack, part personal organizer, the Liberty Gunpack from Elite Survival Systems allows armed citizens to carry and organize all their EDC essentials into one compact case.

Field Tested: Air Armor Tech Inflatable Gun Cases

If you've invested in a top-notch rifle you'll want to make sure it's properly protected when transported.

Field Tested: Axelson Tactical Axe Advanced Rifle Case

Axelson Tactical has developed the 3-in-1 Axe Advanced Rifle Case (ARC) to meet the needs of those shooting enthusiasts who insist on working and playing in rough-and-tumble environment.

Product Preview: RangeMaxx 3-Gun Case

Designed to simultaneously transport the modern sporting rifle, shotgun and handgun that a 3-Gun competitor needs for an event, the RangeMaxx 3-Gun Competition Gun Case can accommodate a wide variety of firearms and sporting applications.

Keefe Report: The Kindness of Strangers

A missing key provided a lesson in human kindness and reminded the author that, you know, there are some really good and nice people out there—folks willing to help a stranger from a half country away simply because that's just the way they are.

Product Preview: CaseCruzer Quick Draw 6 Pack Universal Handgun Case

Anyone who has suffered through the burdensome task of juggling multiple handgun cases while taking what would have otherwise been a stress-relieving trip to the range can appreciate the utility of a pistol case that does all the hard work for you.

Just in Case

An extra 10 minutes will ensure added protection, security, and peace of mind when traveling abroad with firearms. Take a look at what the Armorer and Joe Kurtenbach are up to as they prepare a gun case for South Africa.

Negrini New Transformer Combination Shotgun Cases

International Case Company, the distributors of Negrini ultra-lightweight travel cases, introduces the new Transformer case that is designed to hold any combo of two different shotguns.

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gun Rights

The Supreme Court has extended the federally protected right to Keep and Bear Arms to all 50 states.


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