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The Auto Mag Pistol: A Magnum-Power Pistol Revived

The iconic .44-cal. Auto Mag Pistol has been revived for the 21st century, thanks to a new company looking to feed a rabid fan base.

SHOT Show 2018: Auto Mag .44 AMP Pistol

The last of the original Auto Mag semi-automatic pistols, chambered in .44 AMP, was built in 1982.

Colt’s Snake Guns

Have you checked the price of Colt “snake” revolvers lately? Is that shiny new Python now out of reach? It is an interesting study of supply, demand and a market gone crazy. Here’s what happened, and why.

Dirty Harry's Model 29: America's Shooting Star

Out of production and somewhat obscure, the Smith & Wesson Model 29 was once well known only to serious big-bore handgunners. Then in 1971, it became one of the most famous and desirable handguns of all time. Do you know why? Well, do ya?

Gun of the Week: Smith and Wesson Model 29

Gun of the Week: Smith and Wesson Model 29


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