Tips & Techniques: Safe Handgun Holstering

Defensive handgun shooters spend a lot of time practicing presenting their handgun to the target.

Tips & Techniques: Handgun Reloads & Grip Relaxation

When working with a defensive handgun we often focus too much on speed, particularly when it comes time to conduct a reload.

Sheriff's Tips: The Fitz Special—A Defense Gun from Yesteryear

Fitz carried one pair, or the other, every day for his own personal defense, and many other shooters decided to have their defensive revolvers modified in the same manner.

Sheriff's Tips: Long-Range Shooting with the Defensive Handgun

It is a good idea for the defensive handgunner to have some experience in shooting at longer-than-typical distances.

The El Presidente Drill

Although the “El Presidente” shooting drill was devised some years ago, it is still an excellent way for the defensive shooter to test his skills and, hopefully, document improvement in his training and practice.

Sheriff's Tips: Empty Chambers

Do you carry your defensive handgun with a round in the chamber? Sheriff Jim Wilson says if you are not confident in this practice, get professional training.

Carry Enough Gun

By now you have seen or heard someone share the addage, “The first rule of gunfighting is to have a gun.”

Video: Springfield's XD-S in .45 ACP

American Rifleman TV examines the single-stack polymer XD-S pistol, a concealable semi-automatic offered in the respected defensive handgun cartridge— .45 ACP.

Mastery of Metals: Federal HST and Guard Dog Loads

Through careful attention to design, Federal Premium’s engineers were able to create self-defense loads that exhibit specific characteristics sought by the two prominent streams of thought concerning personal protection. The distinctly different loads, HST and Guard Dog, will meet the needs of even the most demanding self-defense practitioner.

Defensive Handgun Accessories

Learning how to use handguns for self-defense has been called the "new martial art." But a quality pistol or revolver loaded with reliable ammunition is not a complete self-defense system. Thought should be given to how the gun will be carried, stored and if additional accessories would be useful. Cheaper Than Dirt provides a large selection of handgun support gear from which to choose.

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