Winter Carry

Winter weather provides some advantages when carrying concealed, but it also has its drawbacks.

How to Travel Legally with Your Gun

If you carry a concealed firearm on a regular basis, you should know how to stay legal with it while traveling. Follow these simple tips to make your trip go smoothly.

Car Guns

So what is an ideal list of characteristics for a gun that stays in the car (or, in my case, truck)?

Thought on CCWs

Apparently, enough American gun owners are making their feelings known to the politicians, because the majority of states have enacted laws that permit some form of CCW permits.

CrossBreed For Springfield XD-S

CrossBreed Holsters have multiple concealed-carry options for the Springfield XD-S in .45 ACP.

Concealed Carry: Pocket Holsters

Don’t want to carry a bulky handgun for self-defense? Try a pocket gun.


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