Campbell 44 40WCF 1

The .44-40 Winchester: History and Performance

It is said that the Winchester Model 1873 lever-action rifle is one of the guns that "Won the West." The same could also be said for its cartridge which still lives on to this day, the .44-40 Winchester, the history of which is explored here. 

Tonight on American Rifleman TV: SilencerCo; Winchester/Navy Arms Model 1873 Rifle

This week American Rifleman TV gets an inside look at SilencerCo.

Winchester Model Of 1895 .405 Win.

The Winchester Model of 1895 became the most powerful lever-action rifle ever produced when in 1904 the gun was introduced in .405 Win., then considered the best all-around North American game cartridge ever developed.

The Lever-Action Rifle: An American Classic

The lever-action rifle is as American as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie.

Browning BLR ’81 Stainless Takedown Review

Browning’s latest BLR, produced by Miroku of Japan, reinterprets it in a uniquely modern way.


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