Fear & Loading: Costumed Trickster Treated To Jail

Zippy the Clown pedaled his bicycle up to a home in Lac Cruces, N.M., got off, produced a gun and demanded money from a resident on Oct. 27.

Fear & Loading: Mother Loses Job After Self-Defense Shooting

When an armed robber pointed his gun at Jennifer Wertz’ head, she pulled the gun she has a carry permit for and shot him in the chest.

If They Only Had A Brain

Now the pair can wile away the hours, becomin' jail flowers, consultin' with the pain-of being shot by a 74-year-old woman during an attempted armed robbery.

The Armed Citizen® February 2010

When a woman knocked on the door, Donald Kaighn--an NRA member, World War II veteran and gun collector--opened it. Her car had broken down so Kaighn allowed the woman inside to use the phone, a favor she returned by spraying the 84-year-old's face with lighter fluid and hitting him in the head with the can.


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