Firearm Companies Provide Gifts to Ailing Youth

A number of firearm-industry manufacturers banded together to ease one particular enthusiast's isolation during the pandemic.

Product Preview: Skyline Precision Bipod

Warne is a name is best known for scope rings, but the company has branched out into other products and now makes an all-metal bipod with highly competitive features.

Product Preview: Warne Scope Mounts X-SKEL Gen II

Warne’s X-SKEL, now in its second generation, is a lightweight scope mount designed to present the optic at the ideal height for use atop a modern sporting rifle.

Building a Race Gun with New AR Components

All of the following components were tested by incorporating them into a single rifle that was put through a full test and evaluation at the shooting range.

5 Ways to Stay in Love With Your Used Rifle

This disappointing used gun purchase was brought back to life with a few quality components and a bit of elbow grease.


If you’ve invested in a quality optic, there’s no reason to compromise its performance with a flimsy mounting system.


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