American Rifleman, September 1948

75 Years Ago: Dressed For Success

First impressions to the contrary, the subject of Harry Pennington’s fine color shot is no phony Diana. Says Pennington, “Mrs. Ruth Johnson is one of the best hunters in this part of the country (San Antonio, Texas) ... ."

75 Years Ago: School For Juniors

In a unique shooting school, a Michigan sporting goods dealer teaches the youngsters of his county how to handle firearms safely and accurately.

50 Years Ago: The World’s Costliest Gun

From the April 1973 American Rifleman magazine, read about an artifact once owned by King Louis XIII that sold at a record-setting auction price for the time

Pietta Celebrates 60th Anniversary

The company made its humble start in 1963—in Gussago, Italy—when Giuseppe Pietta made a commitment to produce guns as authentic and true-to-original as possible. Customer experience was, and still is, the primary focus, a key to the firm’s longevity and success.

2023 Southern Vermont Primitive Biathlon

You won’t be seeing any exotic bolt-actions chambered in .22 LR winning Olympic gold if you attend the Southern Vermont Primitive Biathlon and Winter Shoot, which takes place February 11-12 at Skinner Hollow Farm in Manchester, Vt.

Rifleman Q&A: M43 Replacement Sight Elevator

Where can I find a rear sight and elevation ramp for a Model 43 Winchester? Or will a buckhorn style for a Model 94 work?

Preview: 43rd Edition Blue Book Of Gun Values

Now in its 43rd year, the Blue Book Of Gun Values has been updated and expanded with a number of new manufacturers and models.

Federal Premium Ammunition: A 100-Year Legacy

Federal Premium, one of the United States’ largest ammunition manufacturers, celebrates its 100th year of doing business in 2022, and its best may be yet to come.

Metal-Fatigue Failures: Is Your Gun at Risk?

Sometimes, through no fault of their owners’ use, gun parts simply fail. In many cases, “fatigue failures” are to blame. Can they be predicted? A veteran firearm engineer answers that question.

Archives—1892 Shooting & Fishing: Abnormal Antlers

Here is the unique story of a man fascinated with antler growth and his impressive collection of “Abnormal Antlers.”

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