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NRA Gun of the Week: Kimber 84M Pro Varmint

On this week’s “Gun of the Week” video preview, watch as American Rifleman staff take a short-action Kimber 84M rifle to the range for discussion.

Two Slick Varminting Rigs From Ruger And Luth-AR

These companies offer variations of popular platforms which are ideal for hunting smaller game.

An Old Friend: The Ruger No. 3 Rifle

If you have been acquiring guns for any length of time, you probably have one or two that are OK, but you have since found something newer that tickled your fancy.

Smith & Wesson Announces Optics-Equipped M&P15-22 SPORT Rifle

Smith & Wesson is offering its popular M&P15-22 SPORT rifle with a factory-mounted MP-100 Red/Green Dot Optic, calling it the M&P15-22 SPORT OR.

Wiley Clapp: The Varminting Handgun

Wiley Clapp reflects on the long tradition of using rifles and handguns of lesser power to hunt a variety of pests that infest rural areas.

Ruger American Rimfire Rifles Now in Target Models

The Ruger American Rimfire rifle is now available in Target Models.

Handgun Hunting Varmints

If you want to spice up your next varmint hunt, try going after them with a belt gun.


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