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Maj. Jim Land & The Major Land Sniper Cup

Major Edward "Jim" Land is the namesake of the Major Land Sniper's Cup, a long-range precision shooting competition held annually in Gladstone, Va.

Marines & The M1 Garand: The First 400

Some would argue the M1 Garand is "the greatest battle implement ever devised," however the rifle that replaced the M1903 Springfield certainly had its share of setbacks, especially while capturing attention of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Short End Of The Stick: The Reising Submachine Gun

The submachine gun designed by Eugene Reising was used by Marines in the early, pivotal battles of the Pacific. It soon developed a reputation for being unreliable in the field—a reputation that may have been exaggerated over time.

Selling The Barrett 'Light Fifty'

Barrett's "Light Fifty," the M82A1 and the subsequent M107A1, are legendary for their reliability and power, but in the early 1980s, Ronnie Barret was just a man with an idea and a prototype. Here's how he sold it.

The SIG Sauer M18: A Marine’s Take On The New Military Sidearm

Since SIG Sauer's M18 service pistol acceptance and proliferation across U.S. military units, the author, a retired U.S. Marine, is here to give his assessment of the newly adopted military sidearm.

The Boys Anti-Tank Rifle In U.S. Service

The Boys rifle saw service with U.S. Marine Raiders during the Makin Island Raid of Aug. 17 and 18, 1942. “Carlson’s Raiders” used their Boys rifles to dispatch two Japanese float planes. It was likely an unenviable task to lug the massive bolt-action through the jungle.

In Memoriam: Greg Connor

Greg Connor, noted competition shooter, Marine and former NRA Silhouette competitions manager, passed away on April 11, 2022.

Kimber's Warrior: The Wiley Clapp Review

The Kimber Warrior, a full-size, .45 ACP-chambered 1911 with features that reflect the requirements of USMC Special Operations personnel, was crafted with the intention to be used for rough service in desert climes.

'0317 Day' Rifle Raffle To Benefit USMC Scout Sniper Association

On March 17, the USMC Scout Sniper Association will hold its 13th annual raffle, with the prize being a clone of the Vietnam-era Winchester Model 70 sniper rifle.

Rifleman Q&A: Finding A USMC Model 1941 Johnson Rifle

Melvin Johnson believed Garand's mainstream design to be flawed and reasoned that a handier gun might appeal to the Dutch. His unique M1941 rifle went on to inspire the likes of Eugene stoner, among others, yet garnered very little U.S. military acceptance at the time.

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