5 Steps to Improve Your Dry-Fire Routine

Here we take a look at five steps to dry firing to both improve trigger familiarity and increase consistency.

Tips & Techniques: Stock Drag

Another trigger-pulling tip from John Haviland.

Product Preview: Velocity Marksman Performance Choice Trigger

The Marksman Performance Choice (MPC) Trigger from Velocity Triggers gives AR-15-style arms a factory-set 3-lb. trigger pull with a customized feel thanks to a personalized trigger shoe.

Product Preview: Rise Armament RA-140 SST

The RA-140 Super Sporting Trigger from Rise Armament is a drop-in replacement unit for AR-pattern rifles that provides a crisp, one-stage trigger pull at an economical price.

Product Preview: Wheeler Professional Digital Trigger Gauge

For gun tinkerers, a trigger pull gauge is a valuable tool. Wheeler Engineering has a digital gauge that is folding, compact and comes in a foam-lined case.

Trigger Pull Weight

I am old-fashioned and still cling to the idea that a handgun is primarily for personal defense and that every shot should be aimed and hit something.


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