Tested: Stevens 301 Turkey Bottomlands .410 Shotgun

Designed to make the most of Federal's Heavyweight TSS .410 Bore turkey load, this light and fast handling single-shot can help you bag your bird!

Federal Presses Its "New Look Of Authority"

Why being number one in sales and shooter credibility isn’t good enough.

Product Preview: Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS Shotshells

Loaded with tungsten, an eco-safe material heavier than lead and effective for hunting wild turkey at extended ranges, Heavyweight TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) from Federal Premium Ammunition provides shooters with something lead simply cannot.

NRA Gun of the Week: Taurus 709 S 9 mm Luger Pistol

American Rifleman’s Christopher Olsen discusses a budget-friendly, sub-compact pistol from Taurus.


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