Stoeger M3k 3 Gun Shotgun Review F

Review: Stoeger M3K 3-Gun

Stoeger has built upon the success of its M3000-series of inertia-operated, semi-automatic shotguns to include a feature-rich and competition-capable scattergun wholly designed for the sport of 3-Gun.

New For 2023: Stoeger STR-9SC Optics-Ready

Stoeger's affordable line of STR-9SC handguns are now optics-ready, thanks to a milled slide and four included adapter plates that accommodate most popular micro red-dot sights on the market.

New For 2023: Stoeger STR-40

Stoeger Industries is supporting fans of the .40 S&W cartridge in 2023 with the launch of its all-new STR-40.

NRA Gun Of The Week: Stoeger STR-9C Optic Ready

Watch American Rifleman staff on the range to learn about a compact pistol from Stoeger Industries.

New For 2022: Stoeger Arms STR-9F

Joining the compact Stoeger STR-9 in 2022 is its full-size sibling. The Stoeger STR-9F is a duty-ready defensive handgun that's priced affordably.

Stoeger Expands STR-9 Handgun Lineup

Natural progression for Stoeger and its semi-automatic handgun lineup, the STR-9, will include expanded offerings in 2020.

Stoeger STR-9 Pistol and Double Defense Over-Under Shotgun

A pair of budget-friendly defensive arms from Stoeger—the STR-9 pistol and Double Defense over-under shotgun—prove that reliable tools for self-protection don’t have to break the bank.

Uberti Silver Boy

The Silver Boy is a new interpretation of a classic American rifle.


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