Product Preview: MagPump 9mm Magazine Loader

The 9 mm magazine loader from MagPump converts the technology the company brought to market for quickly and easily loading AR-15 magazines to the task of loading 9 mm Luger double stacks.

Product Preview: NRA Magazine Bench Speed Loader

Quit wasting your time loading, and get back to shooting with the NRA Magazine Bench Speed Loader.

Product Preview: Caldwell Shooting Supplies AK Mag Charger

Following on the success of the company’s AR-15 Mag Charger, Caldwell Shooting Supplies has introduced the AK Mag Charger for use with 7.62x39 mm-chambered Kalashnikov-pattern magazines.

Ultimag Smart Load by FAB Defense

Loading magazines is a manual task and it’s a pain. It’s tough on your fingers and if you are loading multiple mags, you end up with sore hands.

Cheaper Than Dirt - LULA Magazine Speed Loader

Cheaper Than Dirt - LULA Magazine Speed Loader


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