ATN ThOR LT 320 3-6X

Review: ATN ThOR LT 320 3-6X

Whether it be in smartphones or sport optics, the natural evolution of technology follows a path that usually results in lighter, less-expensive options eventually being made available to the consumer. Optic company ATN has been aggressively working to mitigate this shortcoming, and its ThOR LT 320 3-6X demonstrates its progress.

Field Notes: 10 mm Auto

These field notes by Field Editor Jeremiah Knupp contain the specifications of five 10 mm firearms as well as accuracy and velocity data.

Wiley Clapp: Stick With SAAMI

SAAMI's specifications were carefully developed, specific and not subject to commercial interpretation by guys who will do anything to sell their hot ammo.

The M14: Uncle Sam's New Automatic Rifle

In honor of the 125th anniversary of American Rifleman, the following is an excerpt from the February, 1952 issue: Uncle Sam's New Automatic Rifle.

Exploded View of the French MAS 49/56

For 30 years, the French Army used a version of the MAS 49/56 chambered in 7.5x54 mm.

French Mas 49/56 Rifle -- I Have This Old Gun

French Mas 49/56 Rifle -- I Have This Old Gun

The Specs of MilSpec

How closely do civilian AR specifications resemble those of the military?


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