Irish Lugers F

The Irish Lugers: An Update

In recent years, a number of documents clarifying the role of the Pistole 08 Luger in the Irish War of Independence have been discovered. Here, the authors provide context and identifying information for a number of Lugers known to have been used in Ireland during the country's fight for freedom.

I Have This Old Gun: Colt 1878 Double-Action Revolver

Despite its success in the single-action revolver market, Colt fell behind when double-action revolvers became popular in the late 1870s. The Colt 1878 was a robust, large-frame revolver that would carry the company into the 20th century.

I Have This Old Gun: Pattern 1851 Minié Rifle

Until the 1850s, the British military still used a large-caliber, smoothbore musket as its main infantry arm. That all changed with the introduction of the Pattern 1851 Minié Rifle.

Rifleman Review: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus OR In 30 Super Carry

Smith & Wesson expanded its lineup of M&P Shield Plus handguns to include a model in Federal Ammunition's 30 Super Carry cartridge, which enhances magazine capacity even more.

Editor’s Choice: Smith & Wesson M&P5.7

Smith & Wesson is striking while the iron is hot with its new M&P5.7, becoming the latest in a recent spate of manufacturers to bring to market a semi-automatic pistol chambered to fire the resurgent 5.7x28 mm FN cartridge.

Product Preview: Zeta6 J-CLIP Speedloader

The J-CLIP speedloader from Zeta6 holds a full five-round reload for Smith & Wesson J-frame and similar-format Ruger, Taurus, Rossi and older Charter Arms revolvers.

Smith & Wesson’s Three Hand-Ejector Revolvers

It all started in 1908 with Smith & Wesson’s innovative .44 Hand Ejector First Model, or as the company more stoically referred to it, the Smith & Wesson .44 Military Model of 1908. Today this gun is commonly known as the Triple Lock, arguably the most advanced—and in some ways the most over-engineered—handgun Smith & Wesson has ever produced.

The 10 mm Auto: History & Performance

Despite the fact that most shooters think that the history of the 10 mm Auto cartridge was conceived by Col. Jeff Cooper and invented in 1983, the round actually began breaking the performance mold in the early '70s.

.45 Colt/.410 Bore Handguns Versus Non-NFA Shotguns

Building handguns that can safely fire revolver and shotgun cartridges is a tricky business made necessary by current federal regulations.

New For 2023: Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Magnum

Using the Tempo gas system initially developed for its M&P 5.7, Smith & Wesson is now rolling out a dedicated .22 WMR-chambered semi-automatic pistol. Meet the M&P 22 Magnum.

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