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Review: At The Front Reproduction M1907 Leather Slings

At The Front, a manufacturer of Axis and Allied World War II-era reproduction field equipment, offers a faithful reproduction of the M1907 leather slings used on U.S. M1903 and M1 rifles throughout the war.

Preview: MidwayUSA All-American Leather Sling

Anyone who has carried a longarm knows the value a quality-made sling can provide, which is why the All-American Leather Sling from MidwayUSA offers an affordable solution with premium components.

Tips & Techniques: Sling Up Tight For Stable Shooting

Rifle slings are an essential component of any rifleman’s kit. Sadly, many modern shooters think of slings as retention devices rather than marksmanship aids, but a properly used shooting sling increases a shooter’s accuracy by removing stability variables.

Preview: Edgar Sherman Design ESD Sling

Designed with consumer input and tested in real-world conditions, the USA-made Edgar Sherman Design ESD Sling can be customized to fit many different rifle, carbine, shotgun and large-format pistol platforms.

Staying Connected With the Rhodesian Sling by Andy’s Leather

The Rhodesian by Andy's Leather is an excellent rendition of the shooting sling, and is a worthwhile consideration for the shooter looking to become a more capable rifleman.

Product Preview: McLean DRS Sling

The McLean Dynamic Retention Sling (DRS) comes in black, DRS Tan, Multicam and Ranger Green.

Product Preview: Hazard 4 Plan-C

The Plan-C is a dual-strap version of Hazard 4’s Plan-B sling pack that more evenly distributes the weight of heavy loads across both shoulders.

Product Preview: Blueforce Gear ULoop

The ULoop is a clever and inexpensive solution to all sorts of sling-attachment and incompatibility issues.

Product Preview: Elk Country Standouts

Hunting elk can be one of the most difficult and rewarding pursuits for the American sportsman.

Product Preview: Phase 5 Revolving Sling Attachment Solution

Specializing in buffer tubes for AR-15-pattern rifles, Phase 5 also offers a myriad of additional products.

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