Revision StingerHawk Lazrbloc FT-2 & Clear Essential Kit

Preview: Revision StingerHawk Lazrbloc FT-2 & Clear Essential Kit

Lazrbloc is one of Revision’s cutting-edge technologies that incorporates single- and dual-band protective lenses designed to absorb laser energy across the visible spectrum and more.

Wiley X Moves From Cali To Texas

A leading manufacturer of shooting glasses, Wiley X, is just one of many companies fleeing California.

Preview: Leupold Performance Eyewear

Leupold expanded its product lineup in 2020 to include Performance Eyewear, a sensible addition to its vision-centric mission.

Product Preview: Magpul Eyewear

Stylish and rated for high-velocity impact protection, Magpul’s eyewear offerings were designed to meet the needs of outdoor athletes and enthusiasts, civilian shooters and armed professionals.

Fear & Loading: Real or Fake Eye Pro?

As if impact ratings aren’t confusing enough, an increasing glut of eye-protection counterfeits are flooding the market, and the odds are good one or more of your fellow shooters are donning inferior off-shore products with untested and potentially dangerous sub-par performance.

Product Preview: NRA Shooting Glasses Kit

The NRA Store is now offering an all-in-one eye protection solution with the NRA Shooting Glasses Kit.

Testing Shooting Safety Glasses

Testing Shooting Safety Glasses


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