Sheriff's Tips: Reload High

In this week's "Sheriff's Tips", Sheriff Jim Wilson shares his thoughts on reloading a handgun from a higher position than the waist and its benefits for situational awareness.

Sheriff's Tips: Some Actually Listen

Instructors should keep right on preaching the need for more training, more practice, and continuing education.

Sheriff's Tips: Understanding Condition Red

We don’t know that we will have to fight for our life, but the potential is there, so we keep them under constant observation and are prepared to take action.

Sheriff's Tips: The Handy Carbine

Sheriff Jim WIlson offers his rationale for a carbine as a defensive tool of choice.

Sheriff's Tips: The Golden Rule

The Modern Technique of the Pistol gave us four simple rules of gun safety that make it so much easier for us to prevent injury to ourselves or others.

Sheriff's Tips: What's Your Stance?

I have come to the conclusion that arguing the Weaver vs. the Isosceles is about as productive as arguing .45 vs. 9 mm.

Sheriff's Tips: Is the Single-Action Revolver a Valid Defense Gun?

From its very inception as a percussion firearm, the single-action revolver was designed as a fighting gun.

Sheriff's Tips: Practice With Either Hand

Once you have begun to get a handle on the basics of defensive handgun shooting, it is important to practice drawing and shooting with your weak hand.

Sheriff's Tips: It's Not Just About Guns

Too often when we think of protecting ourselves and our family we only focus on training with guns to deal with a criminal attack

Sheriff's Tips: Just Hit the Target

The gun you carry is not nearly as important as your ability to hit the mark with whatever gun you can afford to carry and like to carry.

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