Fear & Loading: Veteran-Business Success Story

Frankie McRae has a slightly different approach when he teaches self-defense with a gun at Raidon Tactics, which is based about 30 minutes north of Fort Bragg in N.C.

Training With The Action Target AWD Range System

This Action Target AWD Range System is a wirelessly controlled target retriever that turns old-fashioned paper punching into an interactive training exercise.

Product Preview: LaserLyte Laser Color Guard Kit

Even more important during a self-defense scenario than accurate shot placement is the sound judgment required to decide whether to pull the trigger at all.

Darkness Is Your Friend

Even for a lawful citizen caught in what could turn into a self-defense situation, accidental discharges of light could put you at a disadvantage.

Training to Shoot on the Move

If you ever get attacked, you’re not going to stand and blaze away at the assailant. Instead, you’ll need to be on the move.

Alternative Shooting Positions

Shooting from the prone and kneeling positions can provide an edge in a fight.

Cover & Concealment

You should always know where available cover and concealment is located in your area.

Failure Drill

The Failure Drill consists of three shots designed to ensure that an attacker is stopped by putting two shots into center of mass with a final shot to the head.

The Art of the Double Tap

This self-defense staple is easily understood, but harder to master.


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