Editor’s Choice: Ruger Security-380

Editor’s Choice: Ruger Security-380

Ruger, building on its successful use of a similar naming convention for other models, has introduced the Security-380, a compact concealed-carry pistol with a 3.42" barrel and a width of just 1.02" across the slide.

Editor’s Choice: Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical

Mossberg's Patriot rifle line came onto the scene in 2015, and since then, the affordable bolt guns have been offered in a range of different guises.

The Original Mauser 98 Sporters

The Model 98 set the standard for the military bolt-action. Not as well known are the commercial turnbolts also bearing the Mauser name.

The Hawken: Missouri’s Official State Rifle

Missouri state legislators recently passed a bill making the Hawken the official Missouri state rifle.

Editor’s Choice: Springfield Armory Saint Victor 9 mm Carbine

Springfield Armory's Saint family of AR-pattern rifles and pistols has steadily expanded to a comprehensive line with the mid-tier Victor series, in particular, growing by leaps and bounds and arguably offering the most value.

Preview: 2023 Traveler’s Guide To The Firearms Laws Of The Fifty states

With Constitutional Carry gaining steam across the country and other localities introducing new restrictions, it’s an important time to be informed about firearm laws across the nation.

Preview: Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro 17-Round Magazines

Springfield Armory has now addressed the lack of an extended magazine for its Hellcat Pro, bringing out a 17-round extended box magazine that it will now ship with all new Hellcat Pro models.

Editor’s Choice: Savage Arms M1911

Savage is now in the M1911 pistol business with a range of .45 ACP and 9 mm Luger models that appear quite well-executed and display styling cues in concert with the company’s cutting-edge image.

Editor’s Choice: Tristar Viper G2 Pro Sporting

TriStar continues to expand its semi-automatic Viper offerings, and this year offers three variations of the Viper G2 Pro Sporting. 

New For 2023: Canik SFx Rival-S

In 2022, the Canik brand of polymer-frame, striker-fired, semi-automatic pistols added a competition-grade model with its SFx Rival. For 2023, the company is bringing out an all-metal version of the Rival, the SFx Rival-S.

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