NIOA Group CEO Robert Nioa stands on a bright-white indoor shooting range, resting his hands on a tan Barrett .50-caliber semi-automatic rifle.

NIOA Acquires Barrett Firearms

Australian defense contractor NIOA Group announced today that it acquired 100 percent of Barrett Firearms.

Barrett: 40 Years Of .50-Caliber Authority

When it comes to big guns, American exceptionalism and divine intervention, nothing beats the story of how Ronnie Barrett and company became the world’s foremost supplier of long-range, military-grade small arms.

Barrett Firearms Celebrates 40th Anniversary

From its first shoulder-fired .50 BMG-chambered rifle to switch-barrel Precision Sniper rifle systems, Barrett Firearms continues to make history, this year with its 40th year of business.

Barrett Model 82/M107 Named Tennessee Official State Rifle

The Barrett Model 82/M107 has been named Tennessee’s official state rifle.


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