KeySmart Urban Union Slim Wallet

Preview: KeySmart Urban Union Slim Wallet

Streamline your cash and credit cards with the Urban Union Slim Wallet from KeySmart. Designed to hold currency and up to six cards, the Slim Wallet is a minimalist, easy-to-carry pocket safe and more.

Preview: Hornady RAPiD Safe Ready Vault

Hornady expanded its RAPiD line of firearm-security products in 2020 with an enlarged option designed to secure multiple firearms, all while retaining Hornady's quick-access RFID technology. The Hornady RAPiD Safe Ready Vault provides storage space for up to six long guns and 14 handguns in a compact, secure package.

Fear & Loading: RFID Approach To EMP Prep?

Most of us don’t have the resources to fully “prepare” for an EMP attack, which will literally fry every circuit within range, so panic’s not going to help.

Free Hornady Critical Defense Ammo with RAPiD Safe Purchase

During Hornady’s Safe & Secure promotion, consumers will receive a free box of Critical Defense ammunition.

Keefe Report: Executive Order Not So Smart for Police and Soldiers

Among his other anti-gun, politically motivated executive orders, under “Shaping the Future of Gun Safe Technology” Barack Obama has imposed an imperial dictum to “Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security to take two important steps to promote smart-gun technology.

Flying Under The Radar

Identify theft is a huge problem, but Blackhawk has a solution to one criminal technique.

Smart Guns: Dude, You Hacked My Gun

Worried about having your credit card hacked? How about if a criminal, a hacker or even a government agency could turn your gun on or off anytime they wanted? Here's how RFID technology works and what might make it vulnerable in a so-called "smart gun."


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