Preview: PepperBall Mobile Launcher

PepperBall expanded its lineup of less-lethal defensive tools in 2020 with its Mobile launcher.

Preview: PepperBall Personal Defense Compact Launcher

On this American Rifleman Preview we take a look at the brand-new, pocket-size personal defense launcher from PepperBall: the Compact.

Product Preview: LifeLite TCP PepperBall Launcher

The PepperBall TCP, from LifeLite, is the company’s latest innovation for the less-than-lethal personal defense market.

PepperBall Awarded U.S. Army Contract for Non-Lethal Protection

The United States Army recently announced that PepperBall has been awarded a $650,000 contract.

Tested: PepperBall LifeLite

This innovative non-lethal defensive system hides in plain sight as a bright handheld flashlight.


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