The Marlin Model 39: An Unlikely Participant in WWII

Not only was the Marlin Model 39 lever-action .22-cal. rifle a popular rimfire for the commercial market of its day, it even had a small role in the events of one World War II battlefield.

The T3 Carbine: First NVG-Equipped Fighting Rifle

Built as a response to Japanese night-infiltration tactics in the Pacific, the T3 carbine fitted with the infrared “Sniperscope, M2” may have looked like a Buck Rogers ray gun, but it saved American lives in the closing days of World War II.

Lost Treasure: Magic, Mystery and a Colt 1911

This is not just a 1911 story. It is a treasure story, just as much a mystery, and there is definitely magic involved.

Product Preview: Steinel 8x22 mm Nambu Ammunition

Steinel Ammunition has released a cartridge specifically for Type 94 and Type 14 Nambus, with its 8x22 mm Nambu ammunition.

Video—ARTV: Pacific War, Iwo Jima, Part 2

Watch this feature segment from a recent episode of American Rifleman TV on the Men and Guns of the Pacific War.


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