Greenland and the Strategic Advantage of Weather Reporting

Explore the history and strategic importance of Greenland during the Second World War.

The Untold Story Of The Radom Pistol Under German Occupation

The Vis wz.35 pistol, better known simply as the Radom, was adopted by the Polish army just before World War II. After Germany invaded in September 1939, the Nazis took over the pistol’s factory. Here one woman—a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust—tells her tale of forced labor and survival inside the Radom factory.

Book Excerpt: Gun Control in The Third Reich

The seemingly benign gun-registration laws of the Weimar Republic were used by the Nazis to disarm their political opponents and the nation’s Jewish population. Searching for arms was one of the pretexts of the “Night of Broken Glass,” and here, in their own words, Jewish victims of Reichskristallnacht speak.


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