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I Have This Old Gun: Colt 1878 Double-Action Revolver

Despite its success in the single-action revolver market, Colt fell behind when double-action revolvers became popular in the late 1870s. The Colt 1878 was a robust, large-frame revolver that would carry the company into the 20th century.

New For 2023: Anderson Mfg. AM-15 Dissipator

With its AM-15 Dissipator, Anderson Manufacturing takes the dissipator-style AR-15 into the M16A4 era with a few notable updates.

FN Herstal Announces Expansions, U.S.-Made Optics Forthcoming

FN Herstal has completed its recent facility expansion project at the Noptel optic factory in Finland and has announced plans of bringing production to the United States.

Making Remington Rimfire Ammunition

Billions of rounds of .22 Long Rifle are produced every year, and a significant chunk of those rounds are made by Remington Ammunition in Lonoke, Ark. Take a look behind the scenes to learn just how these popular cartridges are made.

Bersa Opens U.S. Manufacturing Facility

Argentine firearm manufacturer Bersa, known for its Thunder handguns, increased its commitment to the American market when it opened a 45,500 sq.-ft. manufacturing facility in Kennesaw, Ga., in October of 2022.

Making Today's Colt M1911

Colt's been producing its iconic Model of 1911 semi-automatic pistol for more than a century, but making the modern Colt M1911 is a bit different than what it took to create the classic.

Hornady's A-Tip Match Bullet Claims New Record

A relative newcomer to setting records, Hornady's A-Tip Match bullet, debuted in 2019, now holds three of the longest impacts recorded in competition history.

Making Modern Colt Revolvers

Colt re-entered the modern double-action revolver market in a big way, bringing back legacy designs like the Cobra, Python and Anaconda. These guns aren't made the old way, though. They're produced using the latest in cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

Remington Returns: The Revival Of An Ammunition Giant

Following the sale of Remington Outdoor Company's assets in September 2020, Vista Outdoor purchased Remington Ammunition. Here's the inside story of what they found and how they're rebuilding an industry giant.

The Colt Woodsman Revisited

From its classic, competition-oriented construction to its svelte styling and pocketable size, follow Wiley Clapp as he delves into a custom Colt Woodsman project like no other.

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