Lyman Model 57, Lyman Model 48

Rifleman Q&A: How Many Clicks?

I recently acquired a custom rifle equipped with a Lyman receiver sight. Before I attempt to zero it, I need to know how far the “clicks” will move the strike of the bullet at 100 yards. The cost of ammunition is too dear to just guess these days.

Preview: Lyman Borecam Pro

The new Lyman Borecam Pro provides cordless barrel-inspection from a tool capable of sending captured images and video directly to the user’s smartphone.

Preview: Lyman MSR Precision Die System

Handloaders crafting rounds for America’s most popular rifle, the AR-15, can turn to Lyman Products for its MSR Precision Die System that includes a cartridge “Go” gauge packaged in a sturdy storage case with a clear top for easy reference.

Good Ammo & Good Reloads: Starting With Once-Fired Brass

Factory ammunition is better than it has ever been, but it still doesn't beat handloads. See what this Barrett MRAD in .300 Norma Mag. is capable of with custom-crafted handloads made from once-fired brass.

Lyman Products Founder 'Mace' Thompson Passes Away

James F. "Mace" Thompson, founder of Lyman Products, passed away on April 3 after a long battle with cancer.

Preview: Trius 1-Step

Looking for the right clay thrower for your impromptu trap range? This Trius 1-Step is a sturdy, portable option for you.

SHOT Show Highlight: All-New Lyman Sights & Tools

Lyman Products rolled out a new collection of tools and shotgun sights for 2020, giving firearm enthusiasts a great selection of new options for their guns and workbench.

Product Preview: Lyman Borecam

This digital borescope, with the assistance of the included monitor, allows shooters to visually inspect their guns’ barrels for rifling and chamber damage and fouling.

Shooting the Remington V3 Field Sport Turkey Pro Shotgun

I hit the range recently to test Remington’s new V3 Field Sport Turkey Pro 12-gauge shotgun. First, I had to shovel out a place to sit in the three-plus feet of snow blanketing my sportsman’s club outdoor range.

Rifleman Q & A: “Old-Style” Chokes

I have two great old shotguns that I would like to keep shooting and continue to hunt duck and dove with.

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