SSK Industries

SSK Firearms: A Pioneer In Cartridge & Arms Design

SSK Firearms is once again fully focused on the guns that helped J.D. Jones build the company’s reputation for products that perform at the firing line and in the hunting fields.

New Ultralight Arms Now Part Of Wilson Companies

New Ultralight Arms, a leader in high-quality, lightweight bolt-action rifles, has been acquired by Bill Wilson.

Latest Loads: Lehigh Defense 9 mm Luger

Most manufacturers of personal-protection bullets seek controlled expansion and high weight retention, but Lehigh Defense focuses on the concept of preprogrammed separation.

Lehigh Defense .30-06 Sprg.

Aaron Carter says this load maximizes its potential with Lehigh Defense ammo.

Lehigh Defense .300 Whisper Bullets

Lehigh Defense worked in conjunction with J.D. Jones to develop accurate .300 Whisper bullets that open at subsonic velocities.


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