Rifleman Tips: Kneeling & Snap-Shooting

Of all the shooting positions, kneeling and snap-shooting are some of the most essential skills for every rifle shooter to know.

Back to Basics: Shooting Support

Today we have dozens of aftermarket devices designed purportedly to help a shooter hold his or her gun steadily.

Adapting Shooting Positions For Real-World Use

When it comes to using a rifle in the field, hunters and shooters can benefit from the hard-earned lessons of competitors—just start with the four “NRA shooting positions” and build from there.

Getting the Most Out of Field Shooting Positions

It’s fun to shoot tight little groups from the shooting bench, but there’s never one handy when you are afield. Solid field shooting positions—and serious practice—are what will put that venison in your freezer and that trophy on your wall.


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