Barrett Fieldcraft: Longer Range With Shorter Barrels

Think you need a long, heavy target barrel and a magnum cartridge to make long shots? Think again. A pair of Barrett Fieldcrafts—one suppressed—may change your mind.

Tested: Hornady’s .300 PRC

The .300 PRC cartridge was purpose-built to shoot heavy, high-ballistic-coefficient bullets at long range. So, have Hornady engineers created the best .30-cal. magnum yet?

Tips & Techniques: Determining Headspace Movement When Resizing Brass

One of the tasks we accomplish when resizing a cartridge case during reloading is moving the shoulder back so the cartridge can headspace properly in the chamber.

Tips & Techniques: Determining Trigger Reset

Trigger reset occurs after a handgun has fired and its trigger is released forward.

Tested: The FK BRNO Field Pistol

A 95-gr. bullet moving at more than 2000 f.p.s., isn’t news—unless it’s fired from a handgun. The new, beautifully machined FK Brno Field Pistol and its 7.5x27 mm cartridge push the design and performance envelope. We’ll warn you, though, it’s spendy.

Tested: Modern Outfitters MC6 Carbine

The author's quest to create his ultimate versatile AR rifle leads him to some unique choices. Did he finally get his "one rifle"?

American Rifleman Guide: Precision Rifle Series

One of the most exciting shooting sports available today is the Precision Rifle Series—better known simply as PRS.

Learning Essential Gunsmithing Skills at Home

When I was a kid growing up in south Florida, my dad had a small heavy equipment business. I’d spend most Saturdays at work with him and my older brother, moving equipment around the city and standing around lots of construction and industrial sites looking for something to do.

Patriot Ordnance Factory’s P415 Carbine

The gas-piston-operated carbines designed and produced by Patriot Ordnance Factory at its facility in Arizona are innovative, accurate, ergonomic—and exceptionally reliable.

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