The Smith & Wesson J-Frame: A Short History

With the introduction of the Smith & Wesson J-Frame, gun owners and law-enforcement officers had stopping power packed into a small frame.

We Will Remember Them

On Sept. 11, 2001, Americans watched in horror as first one airliner, then another, crashed into the Twin Towers. First responders rushed to the scene, putting their own lives in danger to save others.

S&W Adds Performance Center 442 Revolver

The Performance Center 442 DAO revolver features a number of hallmark Performance Center enhancements.

Smith & Wesson Adds Model 360 Revolver to J-Frame Lineup

Smith & Wesson Corp. has begun shipping the new Model 360 revolver, the company's latest addition to its popular J-Frame revolver line.

A Look Back At The Smith & Wesson J-Frames

Big staying power comes in a small package, apparently, as the Smith & Wesson J-frame revolver has been with us for a long time.

Review: Smith & Wesson Model 63

This Smith & Wesson Model 63, a 3” barrel stainless steel kit gun, is an ideal revolver to take along or your next outdoor adventure.

The Enduring Hand Ejector

Long-time gun owners take their ability to identify various makes and models for granted. But what about newer shooters just embarking on a new hobby? For them, the nomenclature created over many decades is a whole new language, as Wiley Clapp recently learned.

7 Reasons Why Pocket Pistols May Not Be For You

Although they are handy and convenient to carry, pocket pistols can be a challenge to master.

Concealed Carrie Expands Concealed-Carry Line

The concealed-carry bags, which boast the look and feel of designer purses, are now available in a new compact and casual series of bags.

9 mm Revolver Bores

A big fan of the Smith & Wesson Centennial revolvers-he carries one every day-Wiley Clapp thinks there needs to be a J-frame chambered in 9 mm Luger.

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