Pandemic Preparedness: Is Your Home-Defense Plan Ready?

When more of us are at home on a regular basis now than ever before, having a defensive plan is critical. Is yours ready?

Fear & Loading: Gun Collector Targeted

Armed home invaders knew it was a gun owner they were robbing.

Fear & Loading: Video Captures Criminals at 'Work'

The number of techniques criminals employ to victimize law-abiding citizens is staggering, and grows every day.

Keefe Report: It Can’t Happen Here? It Already Did

In late February, a vicious home invasion resulted in George Digweed, MBE, one of the most accomplished shotgun shooters in the world, and his wife being badly beaten by four men.

Summertime Ruses

On June 30, a man and a woman with a long criminal history staged a home invasion in Las Vegas, Nev., attacking two brothers, their mother and a friend. Fortunately, it ended when the older son, 23, drew his handgun.

The Fastest Reload

This video of a home invasion by six gun-wielding criminals probably won’t change the minds of the those who think magazine capacities should be limited, but for the rest of us with a grasp of reality, it’s a stark reminder that reloads may be necessary as we wait for authorities to arrive.

Lessons Learned From A Near-Fatal Criminal Attack

A criminal shot a gorgeous young gal scheduled to marry into my family when she arrived home just before noon. Thankfully, her injury isn’t life threatening. She’s expected to make a full recovery, and hopefully it won’t delay this year’s wedding. However, there are some scary lessons in this incident.

The Break-In: Lessons Learned

When Guy Sagi heard someone trying to break into his home, he met the threat head on. However, he admits he could have handled the situation better.

The Armed Citizen® January 2011

Boom! A ruckus woke a woman and her two young children. Her first thought was that an earthquake had occurred, and she quickly called her husband at work to confirm it. No earthquake had been reported.

The Armed Citizen® December 2010

His delivery completed, a pizza driver began to drive away when a masked man accosted him with a shotgun and announced a robbery. The driver drew a handgun that he was licensed to carry and shot the suspect.


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