Smokeless Powder 101 Carter

Picking A Propellant For Your Handloads

Choosing the best propellant for the application is critical to optimal load performance. Here, we provide guidance on navigating the oceans of smokeless propellant options.

Handloads: A .380 ACP Pocket Pistol Practice Load​

As modern ammunition manufacturing has drastically improved during the past 50 years, the .380 ACP is finally receiving the respect it deserves as a defensive cartridge. While handy to carry, pistols chambered for the cartridge tend to be harder to shoot well and thus require more practice to master.

Handloads: Other Powders For The 6.5 mm Creedmoor

Hodgdon H4350 is so popular for handloading the 6.5 mm Creedmoor that the propellant is frequently unavailable or is in short supply as a result.

In Memoriam: Robert Hodgdon—1938-2023

Robert “Bob” Hodgdon, a co-founder of Hodgdon Powder, passed away on Jan. 13, 2023.

Hodgdon Powder Celebrates 75 Years

This year, Hodgdon Powder celebrates its 75th year in business, having grown from humble origins in 1947.

Remington Hosts Inaugural Shoot To Cure Fundraiser

The Remington Gun Club hosted the inaugural Shoot to Cure charitable fundraiser, a sporting clays event in support of the Arkansas Children's Foundation, on Friday, September 23, in Lonoke, Ark.

Handloads: Simple, Reliable, Subsonic 9 mm Luger

Subsonic 9 mm Luger ammunition often fetches a premium across the gun counter, despite how simple it is to make. The key is to couple heavy bullets with a powder that burns with enough intensity to cycle the action, yet not so hot that it launches the projectile into the supersonic range.

Rifleman Q&A: Military Krag Loads

I recently acquired a U.S. Krag rifle for my collection, and I want to replicate ballistics and performance of the arm—as well as for my .45-70 Trapdoor—using the original government loadings.

Cowboy Action Shooting With Trail Boss Smokeless Powder

This feature article, “From The Loading Bench: IMR Trail Boss Smokeless Powder,” appeared originally in the July 2005 issue of American Rifleman. Trail Boss gunpowder is currently a Hodgdon Powder Company brand.

Hodgdon Closes GOEX Blackpowder Plant

Effective immediately, Hodgdon announced the closure of the GOEX blackpowder manufacturing facility in Camp Minden, La.

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