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Building A Better Handgun Grip

Of all the fundamentals for handgun shooting, a proper grip is one of the most important attributes. Follow Frank Melloni as he explains how to learn and build a better grip position for your handgun.

Sheriff's Tips: Long-Range Shooting with the Defensive Handgun

It is a good idea for the defensive handgunner to have some experience in shooting at longer-than-typical distances.

Fundamentals of Handgun Shooting

All shooters begin at the same place?the basics. Even professional shooters start with the fundamentals before expanding their skills and becoming champions. Start with the basics to become an expert.

The Low Ready Position

The low ready position lets you to see danger and be prepared to handle it.

Flashlight-Assisted Handgun Shooting

Employ the flashlight techniques illustrated here to prevail during the time most armed encounters occur.

Special Section: Covering the Basics of Shooting

Basic skills are the foundation of good shooting, and even seasoned shooters can use a refresher course.

Choosing a Handgun Shooting Stance

Whether it's the Weaver, Isosceles or an adaptation of either will depend on what the situation calls for.

Five Tips to Improve Your Shooting

When in doubt, remember to keep it simple stupid (K.I.S.S.).

How Far Can a Handgun Shoot?

I have personally stood up on my hind legs and hit targets at 200 meters with a powerful handgun.


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