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Marines & The M1 Garand: The First 400

Some would argue the M1 Garand is "the greatest battle implement ever devised," however the rifle that replaced the M1903 Springfield certainly had its share of setbacks, especially while capturing attention of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Rifleman Report: American Rifleman Turns 100

Although we will continue to celebrate the 100th anniversary of American Rifleman throughout this year, the collectible issue now in your hands marks the official commemoration of our centenary.

The En Bloc Clip: Don’t Blame John Garand

The highly regarded M1 Garand rifle and its eight-round clip-loading system more than proved itself in the combat theaters of World War II and the Korean War. But it’s not as well-known that the en bloc feeding mechanism wasn’t the designer’s first choice.

The Department Of Experiment: Shaping The U.S. Army's Inter-War Arms & Equipment

The Infantry School's Department of Experiment existed to identify any gap between any success in the laboratory or controlled workshop and the practical reality of that same item when placed in the hands of “soldiers of average intelligence” in simulated battlefield conditions.

Guns Of The First Special Service Force

What began as an unfeasible plan to open a second front in frozen Norway, ultimately created one of the finest special forces in the proud history of two armies—American and Canadian.

Preview: Goatguns Mini M1 Garand

Now you can dress up your office desk or man cave with a 1:3-scale replica of the “best battle implement ever devised.”

Evolution Of The BM-59

John C. Garand's gas-operated M1 rifle changed very little from its start as the T1 in 1927 until the end of its official production run in 1957, but then something unexpected happened. As a result of the confrontational politics of the Cold War and the subsequent divisions it created, the M1 rifle continued to evolve on another continent.

The History Of Winchester’s New Haven Factory

Winchester's New Haven facility closed in March 2006, thus ending a century-and-a-half tradition of military and sporting rifles being made in that city. The contributions of the Winchester factory to the security of this country and the pleasure that its products have given generations of sportsmen must be remembered.

The Springfield Armory M1A Story

Developed as a semi-automatic version of the M14 service rifle, the M1A blends design elements of the M1 Garand with a detachable box magazine and is still a popular rifle for competition today.

The Guns Of Operation Torch

Deemed a safer option than a direct attack on Nazi-occupied France, Operation Torch—the Allied invasion of French North Africa—was nonetheless a hard-fought, six-month campaign. These are the guns that helped America’s warfighters win victory.

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