Preview: Galco Ankle Holsters

Galco introduces three new additions to its line of ankle holsters for pistols with the new Ankle Lite, Ankle Guard and Cop Ankle Band holsters.

The Galco Gunleather Story

The author was offered a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of Galco Gunleather, one of the true success stories in the firearm industry.

Roundup: A Range of IWB Holsters

Though the numerous options for IWB holsters may be daunting, the variety in design, construction and price virtually ensure that concealed-carry practitioners can find a holster to suit their needs and budget.

Galco Gunleather Side Snap Scabbard

The Side Snap Scabbard is made of steerhide and features a reinforced mouth, adjustable tension and a slight forward cant.

Galco Matrix Line

In addition to holsters, belts and magazine pouches in leather, Galco offers innovative and affordable non-leather options for firearms and accessories.

Galco Holsters CarrySafe

Not every CCW permit holder conceals directly on their person, and Galco's latest release recognizes that.

Galco M6X Auto Locking Holster

Galco's M6X design offers a simple and ergonomically advanced operation that makes it one of the best ideas on the retention holster market.

Galco Holsters for the Kimber Solo

Galco Int’l has introduced two holsters of a quality that is worthy of the Kimber Solo.

Galco WheelGunner Holster Preview

Galco WheelGunner Holster Preview


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