NRA Gun of the Week: FIME Rex Alpha Pistol

Watch as American Rifleman's David Herman gets up close with a target-grade 9 mm pistol.

Tested: Arex ReX Delta

This latest concealed-carry offering from Slovenia is a fresh take on the familiar striker-fired polymer 9 mm. Here's a closer look at the Arex ReX Delta.

Tested: FIME Rex Alpha Pistol

Designed to be competition-ready right out of the box, the new Arex Rex Alpha possesses all of the refinements necessary for a shooter to be successful in IPSC and USPSA production division events.

Molot Vepr 7.62x54R "Closeunov 4ME" Rifle Project

Nearly two decades in the making, Field Editor Gil Horman finally gets to scratch a classic Cold War-era semi-automatic rifle off his bucket list—almost.

SHOT Show 2018: FIME Group ReX Alpha 9 Pistol

Based on the company’s ReX Zero 1 Standard Model, the new Alpha is a match-ready semi-automatic pistol with a slew of upgraded features.

Unexpected Collectibles: Molot VEPR Rifles

What would you do with an unexpected collectible in a factory-fresh, unfired condition? Here's how a Bucket List wish was spoiled by a shift in U.S. international policy.

An Inside Look At The ReX Zero 1 Pistol

Learn more about how these high-quality pistols are made and what sets them apart from the competition.

Tested: ReX Zero 1T Tactical 9 mm Pistol

Arex of Slovenia has skillfully enhanced this version of its semi-automatic pistol with the bells and whistles competitors and tactical platform enthusiasts are looking for at a fair price.

Arex Rex Zero Tactical Model Now Available

FIME Group has announced it is importing the 9 mm Rex Zero 1T (Tactical) in Black and Flat Dark Earth

Tested: FIME Rex Zero 1S Pistol

Arex is a name most American shooters don’t yet recognize. Established more than 20 years ago, the Slovenian company has been making products for the defense industry as well as parts for various firearm manufacturers.

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