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Rifleman Q&A: 8 mm Mauser 'Exercise' Cartridges

I would very much appreciate it if you could identify the origin and purpose of the cartridges shown in these photos. The bullets appear to be wooden, and all of the cases are primed.

Preview: Alexo Athletica x Springfield Armory Readywear

Springfield Armory partnered with Alexo Athletica to create a special collection of "readywear" for those with an active lifestyle who still want to be prepared for any contingency.

In Shape for Shooting: How Fit Do You Have To Be?

While it won't turn you into Doug Koenig or Julie Golob overnight, incorporating some of these nutrition and exercise factors may contribute to some benefits on the range.

Exercise Season

When exercising outdoors, there are many external hazards in the world that can harm life or limb.


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