Editor’s Choice: Taurus USA Raging Hunter 10”

Editor’s Choice: Taurus USA Raging Hunter 10”

Taurus’ award-winning Raging Hunter double-action revolver lineup now includes a five-shot, 10.5"-barreled version chambered for the high-pressure .460 S&W Mag. cartridge.

Editor’s Choice: Ruger Security-380

Ruger, building on its successful use of a similar naming convention for other models, has introduced the Security-380, a compact concealed-carry pistol with a 3.42" barrel and a width of just 1.02" across the slide.

Editor’s Choice: Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical

Mossberg's Patriot rifle line came onto the scene in 2015, and since then, the affordable bolt guns have been offered in a range of different guises.

Editor’s Choice: Springfield Armory Saint Victor 9 mm Carbine

Springfield Armory's Saint family of AR-pattern rifles and pistols has steadily expanded to a comprehensive line with the mid-tier Victor series, in particular, growing by leaps and bounds and arguably offering the most value.

Editor’s Choice: Savage Arms M1911

Savage is now in the M1911 pistol business with a range of .45 ACP and 9 mm Luger models that appear quite well-executed and display styling cues in concert with the company’s cutting-edge image.

Editor’s Choice: Tristar Viper G2 Pro Sporting

TriStar continues to expand its semi-automatic Viper offerings, and this year offers three variations of the Viper G2 Pro Sporting. 

Editor’s Choice: Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec M2 Solar

Sightmark expands its micro red-dot optic lineup with the introduction of the RMR-footprint Mini Shot M-Spec M2 Solar.

Editor’s Choice: Henry Homesteader

Henry is departing from its usual lineup of lever-action rifles and single-shot shotguns in 2023, announcing instead the company’s first-ever pistol-caliber carbine.

Editor’s Choice: Smith & Wesson M&P5.7

Smith & Wesson is striking while the iron is hot with its new M&P5.7, becoming the latest in a recent spate of manufacturers to bring to market a semi-automatic pistol chambered to fire the resurgent 5.7x28 mm FN cartridge.

Editor’s Choice: Leupold BX-4 Range HD

Leupold has introduced its first laser-rangefinding binocular—the BX–4 Range HD—a 10X 42 mm optic with the exterior lines of a traditional binocular but with an interior laser that can read accurately out to a claimed 2,600 yards.

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