Ed Brown Introduces Lightweight CCO 1911

Ed Brown Products has introduced the new CCO LW to its expanding line of 1911s.

Ed Brown Introduces Long Slide 10 mm 1911 Pistol

Ed Brown Products, Inc. continues to push the edges of traditional custom 1911s by adding a Long Slide 10 mm (LS10) to the Limited Series.

Ed Brown Adds Compact 1911 Pistol

Ed Brown Products, Inc. has announced a new addition of a Compact 1911 to its lineup..

100 Years And The 1911

I have been involved in several marathon shoots that gunzine editors take such delight in ordering. One was with a rifle (Colt H-BAR), another was a disaster with a gun that was quickly withdrawn from production and one more was with a Sig P220 .45.


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