"Over There:" An American Army on the Western Front

Watch this American Rifleman TV segment "Over There Part Two" to learn about the Untied State's preparation and experience entering the fighting during World War I.

Video—100 Years of the Browning Automatic Rifle

While filming American Rifleman TV on November 11, 2018, Mark Keefe pays homage to the Doughboys of the Great War who went "Over There" a century ago.

Frozen Indecision: American Intervention In Siberian Russia 1918

America’s interaction with Russia is quite the hot topic these days. Many Americans wonder, are the Russians friends, or are they foes?

Cold Front: American Troops In Russia 1918-1919

A century ago, American troops were in combat against the Bolsheviks on Russian soil. Armed with American-made Model 1891 Mosin-Nagants, the soldiers of the 339th Regiment faced the bitter cold and a bitter enemy.

The U.S. Model Of 1917 Rifle

When America entered the Great War, there was a dire shortage of rifles for the Doughboys headed “over there.” The solution was found in three American factories and what is now known as the “U.S. Enfield.”

The Doughboy’s M1911 Pistol In World War I

By 1918, in the hands of the Doughboys of the American Expeditionary Force, the Kaiser’s men would experience the hammering power of the big .45 ACP automatic pistol and its 230-gr. slugs.

The Keefe Report—Plan B: The U.S. Model of 1917 Revolvers

A century ago, the U.S. Army desperately needed handguns for the Doughboys headed for the trenches of France. Only about 75,000 M1911s had been produced, not nearly enough, so where would they come from?


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