Savage 555 1

New For 2022: Stevens Model 555 Sporting

Stevens Shotguns has introduced a new addition to its lineup of over-and-under shotguns, with the Model 555 Sporting.

Hammer Guns: Classic Sporting Tools

From about 1880 ’till the beginning of World War I,  so-called “contract guns” were sold as house brands by scores of hardware and sporting-goods dealers under the names of gun companies that never existed except on paper—an external hammer shotgun can be a thing of beauty or a disaster waiting to happen. 

A Tale of Two Shotguns

I recently inherited two old double barrels from a neighbor. Both shotguns appeared in rough shape and looked as though in a past life they propped open barn doors. After examining them, I came to a conclusion-one was a parts gun, but the other might be salvageable. Here are the steps I took to restore the old shotgun.


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