To Arm Against an Enemy: Colonial Williamsburg Highlights Small Arms of the Revolution

A new exhibit at the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum at Virginia's Colonial Williamsburg seeks to showcase the vast array of guns and edged weapons used in the fight for American independence.

Video—Preserving the Skills: Gunsmithing at Colonial Williamsburg

Gunsmiths at Colonial Williamsburg demonstrate the tricks of their old-fashioned trade, creating high-quality, period-correct firearms with naught but hand tools.

Colonial Williamsburg's Fire A Flintlock Musket Program

Want to fire a period-correct musket? Check out Colonial Williamsburg's musket range and "Fire a Flintlock Musket" program.

The Guns of the Colonial Williamsburg Collection

As the capital of the Virginia colony and later the fledgling Commonwealth, Williamsburg has had a long history as a repository of firearms.

Making the American Rifle at Colonial Williamsburg

The gunsmithing program at Virginia’s first capital works not only to preserve the form of the American longrifle, but also the tools, techniques and working conditions under which it was originally made.

Fire a Brown Bess at Colonial Williamsburg's Musket Range

This unprecedented experience offers guests an opportunity to learn about, handle and operate replica 18th-century firearms with guidance from certified instructors.


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