Chip Mccormick Obituary F

Legendary Gunsmith Chip McCormick Passes Away

Chip McCormick, one of the firearm industry's leading innovators and a top competitor, passed away in early June 2021.

10-Round Magazines for M1911s

The M1911 remains a top choice of shooters, and those who stick with “Old Slabsides” have found extended, 10-round magazines to be a reliable means for closing the capacity gap.

Wilson Combat Purchases Chip McCormick Custom/Shooting Star

Chip McCormick Custom/Shooting Star Industries (, best known for M1911 magazines, has been purchased by Wilson Combat.

NRA Gun Gear of the Week: M1911 9 mm Pistol Magazines

American Rifleman's Joe Kurtenbach takes an in-depth look at M1911 pistols chambered in 9 mm plus a magazine option.


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